The appearance and environmental protection indicators are built according to international standards.
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European and American dining table

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"Reliability, Trust, Confidential and Sustainable" are our major characteristics and guarantee Wesmo is a solid business partner.

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01 Advantage

Wesmo is an experienced manufacturer with a professional quality assurance management and a high customer satisfaction rate.

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02 Design Experts

Our in-house design teams are experts with the focus on superior comfort and satisfaction. The team members have more than ten years of experience in designing and developing bathroom, kitchen and table top accessories.

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Quality Assurance

03 Modern Factories

Wesmo owns and operates multiple factories in China. We have full operational controls from design to manufacturing and shipment, and our internal procedures and management system work professionally and efficiently. Most of our factories are ISO9001 certified and all of them use environmental friendly production systems.

04 Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is our driving force. We think with our customers and offer our customers a good and complete service. With a good understanding of our customers’ inquiries and market demands, we built up a good reputation for quality, punctuality and reliability.

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European and American dining table
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